• Chairman
    Mr. Hashim Shawa
  • Member
    Maher Farah
  • Member
    Dr. Hani Nigim
  • Member
    Mr. Tareq Shaka
  • Member
    Mr. Tarek Aggad
  • Member
    Mrs. Lana Abu Hijleh
  • Member
    Mr. Abdullah Al-Ghanim
  • Member
    Dr. Tafeeda Jarbawi
  • Member
    Mrs. Nada Shousha
  • Board member
    Mrs. Maha Awad
  • General Manager
    Mr. Mahmoud Al-Shawa
  • Chief Financial Officer
    Mr. Sakher Al-Nmri
  • Chief Credit Officer
    Mr. Adel Alghalayini
  • Chief Credit Officer
    Mrs. Amal Massis
  • Chief of Strategic Cooperation and Investors Relations Officer
    Mr. Kamel Husseini
  • Chief Information Technology Officer
    Mr. Hassan Afifi
  • Chief Credit Officer
    Mr. Hana Sahar
  • Chief of Corporate Business officer
    Mr. Naser Bakier
  • Chief of Businesses Retail officer
    Mr. Thaer Hamayel
  • Chief Treasury Officer
    Mr. Sulieman Nasr
  • Chief Human Resources Officer
    Mrs. Randa Musa
  • Chief Risk Officer
    Mr. Najeeb Yaser
  • Deputy Chief Treasury Officer
    Ameer Sha'at - Deputy Chief Officer
  • Deputy Chief Information Technology Officer
    Mr. Basem Maraqa - Deputy Chief Officer
  • Deputy Chief Gaza Business Officer
    Mr. Nabil Al-Ghazali - Deputy Chief Officer
  • Deputy Chief Cards Officer
    Mr. Jamal Shaheen - Deputy Chief Officer
  • Deputy Chief Operations Officer
    Mr. Musa Shamieh
  • Deputy Chief Engineering and Services Officer
    Mr. Ayman Jomaa
  • Legal Advisor
    Mr. Sulieman Hamarsheh
  • Legal Advisor
    Mr. Khamis Asfour
  • Small and Medium Enterprise Lending Department
    Mr. Kosta Rantisi - Head of Department
  • Head of International and Diaspora Relations Department
    Mr. Salim Al-Hodaly
  • Project Mangement and Quality Department
    Mr. Ibrahim Bany Shamseh - Head of Department
  • Social Responsibility Department
    Mrs. Hiba Tantash - Head of Department
  • Compliance Department
    Mr. Banan Al-Namri - Head of Department
  • Money Laundering Control
    Mr. Ammar Mussafer
  • Purchases Department
    Mr. Moen Nakhala - Head of Department
  • Head of Retail Digital Banking Department
    Mr. Ahmed Abu- Laila - Head of Department
  • Support Systems Department
    Mr. Bassam Abu Shabaan - Head of Department
  • Cash Management Department
    Mr. Gawdat Odeh - Head of Department
  • Foreign Exchange department
    Mr. Sarhan Quider - Head of Department
  • International Trade and Settlement Department
    Mr. Tariq Gharbiya - Head of Department
  • Services Department
    Mr. Wahid Nabhan - Head of Department
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Department
    Mr. Adel Hassan - Head of Department
  • Treasury Risk Department
    Mrs. Thaera Mousa - Head of Department
  • Small and Medium Enterprises Department
    Mr. Shaker Safadi - Head of Department
  • Credit Risk Department
    Mr. Sati Shamalakh - Head of Department
  • Accounting Department
    Mr. Aref Al-Ashi - Head of Department
  • Financial Planning Department
    Mr. Said Mekdad - Head of Department
  • Credit Monitoring Department
    Mr. Jehad Saba - Head of Department
  • Legal affairs Department
    Mr. Tarek Abu Gazalah - Head of Department
  • Investment and Placements Department
    Mr. Samer Al-Kishawi - Assistant Head of Department
  • Credit Facilities Department
    Mr. Isam Bakir
  • Electronic Services and Payments Department
    Mr. Husam Awwad - Assistant Head of Department
  • Cards Department
    Mr. Ashraf Sesalem - Assistant Head of Department
  • Audit and Inspection Department
    Mr. Ashraf Al-Amasi - Assistant Head of Department
  • Assistant Head of Financial Planning Department
    Mr. Yazan H. M. Masri
  • Special Asset Management Department
    Waleed Souf - Assistant Head of Department.
  • Audit and Inspection Department
    Mr. Mohammed Qalalweh - Assistant Head of Department
  • Credit Policy Department
    Mr. Moustafa Al-Shawa - Head of Department
  • Special Asset Management Department
    Shukri El-Astal - Assistant Head of Department.
  • Human Resource Department
    Mrs. Sahar Jaber - Assistant Head of Department
  • Marketing and PR Department
    Mr. Khaldoun Abu-Saleem - Assistant Head of Department
  • Transfers Department
    Mr. Emad Faza - Assistant Head of Department