Bank of Palestine was established in 1960 with the view of promoting financial services in Palestine, financing projects and fulfilling the financial and banking needs of the different economic and social segments of the Palestinian society. Bank of Palestine is one of the largest national banks operating in Palestine with a broad range of branches, offices and ATMs. The Bank employs a crew of qualified personnel providing services to more than 850,000 customers including individuals, firms and organizations. Through keeping abreast and utilization of the latest technology conjointly with the adoption of the best policies and international practices including disclosure, good governance, transparency, Bank of Palestine has been instrumental in contributing to the development process allocating 5% of its annual profit to social responsibility programs. The Bank’s trading shares were listed in the Palestinian Exchange in 2005 hence becoming the second largest company listed by its market value amounting to about 15% of the Exchange market value.

In 2007 Bank of Palestine founded Al-Wasta Securities Co. to operate as Bank of Palestine’s investment arm. In addition, Bank of Palestine inaugurated PalPay®  in 2011 in order to facilitate electronic payments through a large network of 5,000 Points of Sale distributed in commercial supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, public services centers,etc.

Our Vision

We aspire to become a distinguished financial and banking institution on both the local and regional levels.

Our Mission

A leading financial institution, Bank of Palestine seeks to promote its financial and banking services. It strives to keep up with the latest technological developments and modern trends in the field of finance and banking, and to contribute to the development process in line with the best policies and international practices.

Our Objectives

  • To achieve a steady increase of our shares in the Palestinian banking market
  • To provide quality financial and banking services with optimum performance
  • To keep up with the latest global technological developments to serve the best interests of our customers
  • To assist in the development and growth of a modern Palestinian society
  • To upgrade and advance Bank of Palestine’s administrative and professional level of performance
  • To continue to create new programs and services which meet the needs of customers and citizens
  • To expand locally, regionally and globally

Our Founders

The Late Haj Hashem Atta Shawa

Founder of Bank of Palestine in 1960

He dedicated his life to the service of his country and people, stood firm in the face of adversity, and with courage and determination laid the foundations for the first national bank and one of today’s leading drivers of economic change in Palestine.

The Late Dr. Hani  Shawa

Chairman and General manager 2002-2007

He was a true champion of professionalism and modernization. We would not be Palestine’s largest and most successful bank without his ardent dedication, wisdom and vision, which guide and inspire us to this day.