Bank of Palestine recognizes the value of time, effort and efficiency in the success of banking transactions and businesses. Therefore, the Foreign Currencies Department at the Bank of Palestine aims to make the complex world of money simpler and more straightforward via providing solutions whereby customers can complete financial transactions in less time, and with minimum effort and cost. The services provided by the Foreign Currencies Department include the following:

  • Believing in quality banking services, the department seeks to create close relationships with customers and investors.
  • Facilitate transfer of accounts in foreign currencies manually and electronically at special prices and promptly.
  • Provide best prices for foreign exchange (spot and forward) at competitive rates.
  • Issue daily foreign exchange rates to customers.
  • Provide consultancy service of Foreign Exchange issues including expectations and prospective analysis.
  • Cope with latest developments and IT relevant to foreign exchange and notify customers accordingly.

Features of the Services Provided by the Foreign Currencies Department

  • Possibility of foreign currency exchange in all Bank of Palestine offices and branches
  • Possibility of foreign currency exchange by phone for high profile customers and companies
  • Provide very competitive rates in the local market
  • No commission on selling and buying of foreign currency
  • Customers can inquire about rates through Bank of Palestine official website or through subscription to SMS


  • Customers must have an account in Bank of Palestine.
  • Customers must be present at the time of exchange, send credential papers for financial exchange by fax or call by phone for that purpose.

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