About Bank of Palestine (BOP)

Bank of Palestine was founded in 1960 in Gaza, Palestine

Operating as a universal bank in Palestine, BOP is engaged in retail, corporate, SME and Micro banking operations, with the largest card processing operations in Palestine. The bank has the largest network of branches and ATMs in Palestine, and it is the owner of the only Point of Sale (POS) network of 6,000 merchant terminals spread throughout the country.

BOP’s market share of credit facilities is 23.84% and market share of deposits is 23.23%.

BOP Shares and Shareholding

BOP shares were listed in 2005 on the Palestine Exchange (PEX).
BOP shares were listed in 2005 on the Palestine Exchange (PEX).
BOP’s Annual General Meetings are usually held in April of each year.

BOP Financial Reporting

BOP reports its financial results as per the deadlines below:
1st Quarter: April 30
2nd Quarter: August 15
3rd Quarter: October 30
4th Quarter - Initial Disclosure: February 15
Annual Report: March 31
BOP’s reporting currency is the US Dollar (USD).
Ernest & Young are BOP’s external auditors.

BOP dividends

Yes. Please see the section on dividends
BOP pays its dividend in the US Dollar (USD).


In Palestine there are no taxes on capital gains or dividends.  

In a memo from the Palestinian Ministry of Finance #29/20/4, dated January 19, 2015, the 10% income tax on dividends that was supposed to take effect in 2015 as per the amended tax law #8 of year 2011 was canceled.