BOP’s cultural partner Le Trio Joubran gave a concert Saturday, 20 September 2014 in one of the most prestigious concert halls in the world, the Opera House, in Paris as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of Le Monde Magazine. Le Monde has decided to produce a musical concert, theatrical performances and dances for 25 groups from around the world.

The countries that participated in the anniversary celebration, which was attended by more than 2800 spectators, include the USA, Japan, Belgium, Germany, and Australia. Palestine and the Arab world were represented by Le Trio Joubran, who performed a piece called “We Wish.” The spectators interacted vigorously with the refined musical performance of the Trio and were bedazzled by the tunes of the oud of the Palestinian group. That was the first time that a Palestinian group has ever performed on the stage of the Parisian Opera House. 

For his part, the oldest brother in the Trio Samir Joubran said the celebration is an important station in the Trio’s journey as well as in the general cultural state in Palestine and the Arab world. “We have not dreamt of standing on this stage because the Opera House is restricted to global marathonic operas and does not call for other musical patterns such as our music or the popular music,” he added.

A few hours before the ceremony, Samir Joubran met with president Mahmoud Abbas, who lauded Le Joubran Trio and wished them success in disseminating Palestinian culture and art all over the world. It should be noted that Le Joubran Trio have received the Excellence Award from President Abbas in appreciation of their art and creativity in 2013.

Le Trio Joubran will continue to their musical evenings throughout the world, continuously achieving success and fame. Usually all their tickets are sold out weeks before the concert. On Sunday, 28 September, Le Trio Joubran performed in Poland and this October they will perform in France.

BOP is the cultural partner of Le Trio Joubran and the sponsor of all their activities and musical evenings. In fact, BOP is the first sponsor of an international and Palestinian musical group from the private sector.