The Chilean Dueño del Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos, CIAL S. A. Corporate Group owned by the Palestinian expatriate Alberto Kassis has won the Award of Excellence for 2014. The handover of the award took place during the annual ceremony organized by the Industrial Development Association SOFOFA in Chile and was attended by the Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, businessmen/women from the industrial sector in Chile and Latin America.


CIAL Food Industries CEO Kassis is one of the most prominent Palestinian expatriate businessmen living in Chile. He is among the most successful businessmen with whom BOP has established true partnerships. Kassis has contributed to several development projects carried out by BOP. BOP has indeed been instrumental in incentivizing Palestinian expats to genuinely contribute to social and economic development in Palestine.


SOFOFA has sponsored the Award of Excellence for 2014 presented to CIAL, confirming the company’s record of success brought about by a strong spirit for initiatives and ongoing development. CIAL has been a model for creativity, commitment and perseverance.

During the handover ceremony, Kassis expressed pride and delight in receiving the award, pointing out that true success lies in the desire to continuously develop products in line with public demand. He added he has made all possible efforts to achieve the best. In addition, Kassis attributed CIAL’s success to the support and encouragement given to him by his family.

In 1963 Kassis and his brothers established a small factory for producing sausages and the project grew to become a consortium of three companies that produce meat and distribute it all over Chile. CIAL has become a trademark and currently the company is developing a program worth USD 120 million to further develop its products in order to integrate latest technologies in the production process and update its regional offices as well as establish a new distribution center.