On the first day of the Holy Month of Ramadan, Bank of Palestine will launch a contest through “Felestineya’s” Facebook page under the title of “Know Your Bank”. The contest will begin on the first day of the Holy Month of Ramadan and continues throughout the entire holy month to include 30 questions on daily basis that will be posted on “Felestineya’s” page.

The campaign primarily targets the current and potential fans of “Felestineya’s” page, whether they are the Bank’s customers or not, with a focus on women; the contest includes a group of questions related to the Bank’s services, which will enhance banking awareness for women as it has a significant role in enabling women in the society. In addition to introducing to the society the role of the Bank in supporting Palestinian women through “Felestineya” Program, which is an integrated program to support Palestinian women that includes a package of financial and non-financial services provided to women.

The campaign will be promoted through the field contest program “Tamr Hindy”, which will be broadcasted on both (Palestine and AlFalstiniah) satellite channels, as the name of the winners of the contest will be announced on daily basis through this program.

In order to enter the contest, they contestants have to “like” “Felestineya’s” page: www.facebook.com/palwoman and provide a correct answer to the daily question; the participants increase their chances to win when they “share” the contest, to win the daily prize in the value of 100 dollars.

The Bank seeks to help Palestinian women and support them to reach the labor market in different forms, including gender inclusion, which works to ensure equality for women in work rights and duties on the local level. In the field of economic empowerment, the Bank aspires to meet the Palestinian women’s needs through the development of products and services and the provision of consultations. In addition to designing non-financial services advisory program, which is an integrated program that aims to support and advance women through financial awareness needed to manage their families’ expenses and their projects, in addition to other activities and workshops.

Bank of Palestine dedicated a large portion of its social responsibility for women empowerment and support in overcoming various difficulties in life; in addition to the enhancement of a strategy for empowering Palestinian women through various partnerships with institutions and local and international communities that work in the field of women empowerment.