Bank of Palestine provided financial support for the maintenance of a number of governmental schools in Gaza Strip through the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP); this support was announced in a ceremony held in Bank of Palestine’s General Management Head Office in Ramallah, in the presence of Mr. Hashim Shawa, Bank of Palestine’s Chairman and General Manager, Mr. Robert Valente, UNDP / Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People (PAPP), and with participation by Mr. Maher, member of Bank of Palestine’s Board of Directors, and Mr. Rushdi Ghalayini, Deputy General Manager, and Mr. Khaled Shahwan, Deputy Special Representative of Operations, in addition to a number of officials in Bank of Palestine’s departments and sections.

The value of the support provided by the Bank is 150 US dollars for the period of three years, as a team from UNDP will work within the maintenance project for around 18 schools and provide a healthy academic and educational environment for the students in Gaza Strip.

Mr. Hashim Shawa welcomed Mr. Robert Valente who was appointed in Palestine as of the end of last month, expressing his contentment to collaborate with UNDP, which greatly work to assist our people in Palestine and implements projects in Gaza Strip, which in need for continuous developmental programs, rehabilitation and development.

Shawa presented an aspect of Bank of Palestine’s journey since it was established in 1960, and its development and trust it gained from a large number of its customers; he indicated that the Bank has 55 branches and offices that serve more than 700 customers from different social segments. Shawa added that Bank of Palestine is active in supporting and financing small enterprises in Palestine as it is the primary engine of the Palestinian economy and forms more than 90% of the economic components and activities. He added that the Bank’s growth in the past few years and its acquisition to the market share is due to its closeness to the society, as the Bank dedicates 5% of its annual profit to support social activities in different developmental sectors, including education, youth and innovation, health, culture and art, humanitarian endeavors, sports and empowerment of women.

Mr. Robert Valente expressed his contentment for cooperating with Bank of Palestine; he indicated that UNDP has been working for a long time to assist in enabling the communities that live under difficult humanitarian conditions; in addition to its assistance to develop the tangible and intangible capabilities in various fields, including education, health and others.

He also indicated that education is the way to end poverty and build nations. The needs in Gaza are vast, and this partnership will allow the students to receive their right to learn and create a future with a safe environment.