Due to its social responsibility and coinciding with the Holy Month of Ramadan, Bank of Palestine launched a campaign under the title “Tfadalu” to distribute dates and water to citizens who are late to reach their houses for Iftar in Gaza Strip. A group from volunteers from Bank of Palestine’s employees distributed bottles of cold water and bags of date to drivers and citizens who are late to reach their houses during the Iftar time, prior the “Maghrib” prayer.

This campaign began in the last ten days of the Holy Month of Ramadan and will continue until its end; a group of volunteers and activists contributed to the success of this campaign, who expressed their contentment to help other citizens with kind acts to feed those who are fasting; they indicated that that this work provides them with satisfaction and pride as they are helping our people.

This campaign covers all areas in Gaza Strip, as the volunteers are present in a number of locations with high residential traffic, which are about 12 locations from the north to the south, present in main streets, intersections and busy areas in the governorates of Gaza Strip.