Bank of Palestine, Ramallah Municipality, ANERA, UPA and a number of NGOs inaugurated the nineteenth recreational park within “Al-Bayyara Parks” project, which is implemented by Bank of Palestine with a number of institutions, at Al-Tira Street in Ramallah; in the presence of Engineer Musa Hadeed, Mayor of Ramallah Municipality, Mr. Rushdi Ghalayini, Bank of Palestine’s Deputy General Manager, Mr. Salim Zaru, UPA’s General Manager, which belongs to the Palestinian’s in Diaspora George and Rhonda Salem, and Engineer Mazen Dabbagh, Projects Manager at ANERA, with participation of members of the municipal council and Palestinian youth in Diaspora who are here through Go Palestine Program.


The inauguration the Park complements the project by the Bank and its partners to establish hundreds of recreational parks for children in different areas in Palestinian governorates, to provide safe places for entertainment to our Palestinian children, and reduce the number of causalities and victims of children due to playing in populated areas, in streets and alleys on annual basis.

Mr. Musa Hadeed expressed his contentment for establishing the fourth recreational park for children in Ramallah; he commended the role of Palestinians abroad in sustainable developmental projects, which is considered as an example of the dedication of the city’s people who are living abroad, as these parks are an outlet for the children and their families in various parts of the city.

Hadeed also indicated that Ramallah Municipality seeks along with its partners from the city’s people and intuitions to establish the largest number possible of recreational parks for children in the city, as the Municipality dedicated pieces of land for the parks projects and other projects that benefit the city. He greatly thanked all institutions that contributed in the implementation of “Al-Bayyara” project, particularly Bank of Palestine who initiated its launch years ago; he also thanked Mona and Basem Hishmeh, who are Palestinians living in the United States and contribute annually to support this project, in addition to ANERA and George and Rhonda Salem institution for this strategic partnership.

Mr. Ghalayini indicated that the Bank’s vision to implement “Al-Bayyara” project represent a window of hope for our children to live in peace and safety under the painful conditions that our children live through, The Bank’s initiative to launch the project is in line with its humanitarian message towards children, which contributes in healthy and proper upbringing and supports them to think, develop and innovate.

Ghalayini added that the Bank’s aspiration multiplied with the partners, as it originally hoped to establish a small number of parks, and the idea of the project grew and developed and the goals became greater due to the Bank’s determination and the dedication of its partners, including Palestinians in Diaspora, for the number of parks to be established to become hundreds in all Palestinian villages and governorates.

Mr. Dabbagh considered that the establishment of public parks as one of the important projects that contributes to the growth of the community and the improvement of the living conditions to the Palestinians residing in Palestine’s villages and cities, in addition to contributing to the improvement of mental health in general, and enhancing social relationships in the community. Mr. Salim Zaru indicated that the parks project reflects the true belonging of the Palestinians living abroad, confirming the George and Rhonda Salem institution seeks to have an active role in supporting children of our society and provide support for them; in addition to its importance in creating dialogue and networking between the community members.

“Al-Bayyara Parks” project was launched by the Bank in 2012, in cooperation with a group of local and abroad NGOS, including Mona and Basem Hishmeh, George and Rhonda Salem Institution, UPA, Welfare Institution and ANERA, to establish hundreds of recreational parks for children in villages and cities of Palestinian governorates, including Gaza Strip. The municipalities and several families contributed in various areas by providing pieces of land for the establishment of the recreational parks.