Bank of Palestine announced that it began to receive applications to its new “Felestineya” Mini MBA program, which was launched in collaboration with the International Financial Corporation (IFC). This program is within the Bank’s primary program to support Palestinian women “Felestineya”. The program aims to develop the business and leadership skills of established women-owned and led small to medium sized businesses in Palestine by advancing their skills in different fields, including: strategic and financial planning, marketing, management of human resources and other fields. The program also advances women’s leadership skills and connects them with local and international experts. Some of the events and sessions related to this program will be implemented in collaboration with the Business Women’s Forum and Ernst & Young. The top 20 women from Jerusalem and West Bank areas, in addition to the top 20 women from Gaza Strip will be selected to participate in this program which will take place for a period of six months.

“Felestineya” Mini MBA" program will also contribute in improving the capabilities of women to advance their work mechanisms, products and services, by refining their businesses’ models and enhancing their knowledge about the market. Within the program, the women will communicate with specialized managers and employees at Bank of Palestine to work on developing their businesses and to receive banking services and products.

Mr. Hashim Shawa, Bank of Palestine’s Chairman and General Manager, confirmed that the new “Felestineya” Mini MBA program is part of the Bank's efforts to empower Palestinian women, and develop their managerial and technical skills and capabilities, due to the Bank's belief that this will positively reflect on the success of the small businesses led by Palestinian women, and will enhance the living standards of Palestinian women and families and the economy and society as a whole.

Shawa also indicated that the Bank is aware that its responsibility is beyond the provision of financial and banking services, to reach the advancement of the economy and society by empowering women and allowing them to further participate in the economic sector. He expressed his hope that the program attracts the Palestinian women leaders and owners of projects and businesses.

Within the program, the participants of “Felestineya” program will receive a certificate of completion in Women’s Entrepreneurship and Leadership from Bank of Palestine and the International Financial Corporation (IFC). They will also learn strategies to lead effectively, and enhance their business management skills in marketing, financial management, social media, and branding; in addition to improving their management of human resources and gain expertise from international and Palestinian guest speakers and business trainers and meet successful women leaders from the Arab world and learn how they became successful; they will also gain access to coaching and networking opportunities with the Business Women’s Forum.

"Felestineya” Mini MBA program is part of "Felestineya” program that aims to empower Palestinian women in all economic and social aspects. The program includes the provision of banking products dedicated to women, in addition to awareness workshops conducted in various governorates in collaboration with several institutions; as around 500 Palestinian woman joined these workshops; the "Felestineyeh” program also includes a specialized awareness Facebook page that provides women with important tips and information in the fields of health, nutrition, upbringing of children, and career and self-development.