Bank of Palestine held an exclusive business meeting with journalists, writers and media personnel working in radio, televisions and news channels operating in Gaza Strip; the meeting took place in Level Up Restaurant in Gaza; the meeting is due to the Bank’s interest to introduce to the local media about the activities, events, projects and programs that the Bank is implementing in the fields of business, economy and social responsibility. Given the importance of enhancing the access to information and raising the awareness of the Bank’s customers through media and continuously introduce to them the services, campaigns and facilitations offered by the Bank.

The meeting also aimed to strengthen the relations between the Bank and various sectors, particularly, developmental, economic and media sectors, as they have great influence in promoting and advancing culture, economy and science in the society, in addition to raising awareness about the Bank’s offering and delivering a true picture of the Bank throughout our country and the world.

Mr. Ihsan Shaushaa,, Assistant General Manager – Chief Treasurer, thanked and expressed his gratitude for the efforts of the media personnel and their delivery of the real and accurate picture to our people, as he is grateful for the great role led by journalists and media personnel in providing service to our Palestinian society and their contribution in enhancing the media sector to accomplish their mission and deliver the suffering, life and achievements of our Palestinian people.

The Bank’s Marketing and Public relations department provided a detailed presentation about the Bank’s development since it was established in 1960, including the Bank’s profit, growth and expansion; in addition to presenting some of the banking services and facilitations and promotional campaigns offered by the Bank to its customers; the presentations also included the role of social responsibility at Bank of Palestine to provide services for various sectors of the Palestinian society.

Bank of Palestine, in partnership with Welfare Association and Qatar Development Fund began implementing “Wajd” project to sponsor the orphans of the latest aggression on Gaza Strip, with contribution from the Bank and Hajj Hashim Atta Shawa Charity Fund, in the value of five million dollars, as the program was launched few days ago.