Bank of Palestine is organizing a number of Career Days in various Palestinian cities, dedicated to recruit people with disabilities, based on the Bank’s decision to employ 6% of its cadre from people with disabilities. These events are held in Ramallah, Nablus, Bethlehem and Gaza; the first career day for people with disabilities was held in Ramallah last Monday, the second career day will be held tomorrow, Monday, at the Bank’s branch in Nablus, the third career day will be held August 31st at the Bank’s branch in Bethlehem, and the fourth career day will be held on September 3rd at the General Management office in Gaza.


This initiative led by the Bank is in line with its efforts to support this segment who needs all the support from all institutions and civil society. The initiative also confirms the trust in those people to make a change, work productively and effectively contribute in the society through their inclusion and participation at work.


Bank of Palestine announced several weeks ago its decision to increase the percentage of its employees of people with disabilities to 6%, which is considered a high percentage in comparison with local and regional institutions, as the Bank is one of the few institutions that acknowledges the capability of this segment and abides the law in employing people with disabilities within its cadre.


Mr. Hashim Shawa, Chairman and General Manager of Bank of Palestine, expressed his contentment that the Bank became a leading Palestinian institution that announces its commitment to support people with disabilities within its cadre. He indicated that the Palestinian law encourages institutions and companies to employ 5% of its cadre from people with disabilities, yet the Bank decided to increase this percentage due to keenness to be a leading, humanitarian and national Bank.


Shawa revealed that the Bank is preparing a training for a number of its employees to become capable of dealing with people with disabilities, especially those who have speech disorder. He indicated that the Bank launched the past few days the largest humanitarian campaign to support people with hearing disabilities in Palestine. The studies showed a necessary and great need to provide around 1000 ear sets mostly for children with a cost of over half a million dollars; the Bank announced its provision of the amount of 100 thousand dollars to the campaign, in addition to covering all related promotional cost.