Due to its desire to enhance the outstanding performance of sports clubs and in continuation to its role to advance sports and particularly football in Palestine, Bank of Palestine provided a financial donation to each of the Ahli Al-Khalil Club, winner of Palestine Cup 2015 and for the second-place winner Shijaia Football Club.

This initiative is due to the real success and strong performance by both teams during the final historic game that took place in Al-Hussein Bin Ali Stadium in Hebron, as it gathered for the first time a team from the West Bank and the other from Gaza; the game that was held in Hebron during the past few days was primarily sponsored by the Bank. Beyond the primary sponsorship to the Ahli Club, the winner of the Cup, the importance of the game is that it renewed the hope to organize Palestinian championships in the same field.

On Wednesday 26/08/2015, Bank of Palestine held a meeting with a delegation from Ahli Al-Khalil Club in Bank of Palestine’s General Management Head Office in Ramallah. The meeting included Mr. Hashim Shawa, Chairman and General Manager of Bank of Palestine, Mr. Rushdi Ghalayini, Bank of Palestine’s Deputy General Manager, Mr. Nafeth Hirbawi, Ahli Al-Khalil Club’s Honorary President, and Kifah Sharif, President of the Club, in addition to several members of the Club’s Board of Directors, Stefano Kosin, the coach of the team and a number of players and officials from both sides.

Mr. Hashim Shawa, Chairman and General Manager of Bank of Palestine, confirmed again that the real achievement is not the victory of one team over the other, instead, the achievement is the unification of the West Bank and Gaza Strip through gathering Palestinian teams for the first time in fifteen years in one stadium. Shawa commended the efforts by the Palestinian Football Association, led by Major Jibril Rjoub, towards advancing the Palestinian sports to a refined and developed level; in spite of the difficult political and economic conditions in Palestine, the Palestinian sports and football have significantly developed and occupied a good position regionally and internationally.

Mr. Kifah Sharif commended the donation that the Bank provided to both clubs; he expressed his contentment and pride about the partnership between Ahli Al-Khalil Club and Bank of Palestine, as the Bank continues to support the Palestinian sports and youth.  Sharif added that the Bank is one of the first institutions that initiated support to the Palestinian sports, by contributing to the success of the Women Football Championship, Al-Bara’em League and Palestine First Cup. Sharif expressed his hope that all national institutions will follow Bank of Palestine in its business journey, as he thanked and expressed gratitude to all employees of the Bank, particularly those who accompanied the final game of Palestine Cup and contributed to the success of the game and the dinner event held by the Bank the night before the game.

Mr. Salah Hirzalah, Shijaia Football Club’s Chairman, expressed his contentment about the Bank’s initiative to support the Club; he thanked Bank of Palestine and its management, led by Mr. Hashim Shawa, Chairman and General Manager of Bank of Palestine, who confirms his interest to support sports and football. He indicated that the Shijaia Club presented a strong performance during the game that was held under Bank of Palestine’s sponsorship. Hirzallah added that the Bank is always present to support all sports events and activities, which reflects its nobility and belonging to this country.