On Thursday, August 27th, Riwaq Center for Architectural Conservation organized a charity dinner with a performance by Le Trio Joubdan for the rehabilitation of 50 historic towns in Palestinian rural areas; the event took place in Aydeh Garden at the Odeh Historic Hotel in Ramallah. The charity event was attended by more than 500 people, representing Palestinian individuals, institutions, civil society and private sector.

The evening that included the performance of Le Trio Joubran aimed to collect donations to support Riwaq’s prioritized goal of rehabilitating fifty villages in Palestinian rural areas. The charity dinner, which was held and primarily sponsored by Bank of Palestine, collected the amount 202,000 dollars; the money will be dedicated to rehabilitate and renovate the marginalized villages in Palestine.

Bank of Palestine’s sponsorship for this charity event is due to its social responsibility and is in line with its heritage partnership with Riwaq Center and cultural partnership with the international Palestinian Le Trio Joubran, as this event is part of its strategy to support heritage and revive the generations of Palestinian inheritance and civilization.

According to Riwaq’s Center’s Dr. Suad Al-Amiry, the idea of the project aims to motivate the Palestinian youth and private sector’s spirit of giving and donating.

Dr. Khaldun Bshara, Director of Riwaq Center, emphasized that the economic dependency to donors will not lead to sustainability. Bshara is proud that the Riwaq’s support is based on three, almost equal, resources: Palestinian, Arabic and foreign.

Mr. Samir Joubran valued the prolonged cultural partnership with Bank of Palestine that he is proud of, which contributed to build the spirit of giving and partnership in sectors beyond the Palestinian society.

A number of institutions and associations contributed to the success of the event. Dr. Bshara indicated that the charity dinner will be held periodically every two or three years, in order to involve the society with Riwaq’s cultural and developmental plans.