Bank of Palestine launched the service of “Mobile Banking” application for smart phones, which is a secure and simple application that enables the Bank’s customers to execute all banking transactions directly at any time with no need to visit the Bank; the application also provides new electronic banking services that provides the customers with convenience and save them time and effort.

The new application provides a package of electronic services that the customers can execute on their accounts, most importantly: self-registration with no need to visit the Bank, “Pay a Friend” service, which enables the customers to transfer small payments to other customers through their mobile phone numbers registered at the Bank. The new services within the application also include payments of bills for various services, (such as electricity, water, mobile phones, internet and others), add balance to mobile phones, transfer balance within one account, transfer balance to friends, add credit to banking cards and settle credit card accounts; in addition to inquiry about the accounts balance; students can pay their university and school tuition through this application as well.

The new application is featured with an easy method to instantly execute various transactions within the customers’ accounts, through an international and secure system that maintains the confidentiality of information and is enhanced with multiple steps that aim to verify the identity of the user prior to the login or execution of any banking transaction.

The application can be downloaded for free through application stores on smart phones (iPhone and Android); it is available in Arabic and English languages; registration can be done directly with no need to visit the Bank, as the user inputs the details available at the Bank and enters the account accordingly.

The launch of this new application for smart phones is in line with the ongoing development policy adopted by the Bank to provide the best services, and cope with the difficult conditions of the Palestinian people under the closures, checkpoints and difficulty to reach the centers and branches that provide such services; this is a quality leap in providing innovative solutions and providing banking services at all times.

In order to better promote the new service, the Bank began to implement a grand campaign to encourage customers to download the application, including the usage of a group of promotional and advertising tools and social media channels to ensure the customers receive the information, instructions and details related to the application so they can download it.

The Bank further encouraged its customers to start using the application through the campaign by providing the first 10,000 customers who download the app and use the “Pay a Friend” service an amount of 20NIS, in addition to a draw on 50 smart phones (one handset on weekly basis) throughout the period of the campaign, which ends by the end of October 2016.

The operator of the application is PalPay®, an electronic payment company that was established in 2011 and was able to achieve success on the local and regional level in a small amount of time, by providing premium electronic systems to facilitate the work of institutions, companies and individuals.