Club Deportivo Palestino soccer team won the Chilean Soccer Championship for the third time since its establishment and for the first time since 1977. The team managed to defeat Audax Club Sportivo Italiano with a result of three goals against two goals during the final game after winning the playoffs with four goals against two.

The third championship for Club Deportivo Palestino, which was established by the Palestinian diaspora community in Chile in 1920, was achieved by football player Matías Rodrigo Campos López during the second minute of the football match, while player César Alexis Cortés scored a goal during minute 37 of the match, and the third goal was achieved by player Luis Antonio Jiménez during minute 53. The first goal of the Brazillian guest team was achieved by player Sergio Santos during minute 41 of the match, while Ignacio Jeraldino scored a goal during minute 45 of the match. After obtaining this championship, the Club Deportivo Palestino team was immediately qualified for the Copa Libertadores (the liberators cup) 2019, and will lead the Super Chile cup against the winner in the local tournament.   

It is important to mention that Club Deportivo Palestino soccer team was established by the Palestinian diaspora community in Chile following its integration in the local community in the early twentieth century. A group of Palestinian businessmen in Chile established the club officially in 1920 with the participation of football players, sons of the diaspora. The Club managed to record great achievements and was qualified in the Premier Football League. 

Bank of Palestine has been providing its sponsorship for Club Deportivo Palestino since 2012 to support Palestinian sports in the diaspora and connect them with Palestinians in the homeland. The team visited Palestine several times and played many games with the national team and other Palestinian sports clubs.

Bank of Palestine expressed its enthusiasm about this great achievement for the third time in the club’s history (the first in 1975 and the second in 1977) and congratulated the Club Deportivo Palestino.