Intersect Hub – a community of social and fintech entrepreneurs signed a cooperation agreement with Gaza Sky Geeks and Bank of Palestine to support and develop entrepreneurial and creative projects in Palestine. The signing ceremony was held on 7/9/2020 at Bank of Palestine headquarters in the city of Al Bireh at the Consolidated Contractors Company building in the presence of Hashim Al Shawa, the Chairman of Bank of Palestine Group (through Zoom videoconferencing), Ms. Lana Abu Hijleh, the Chairman of Intersect Hub, Mr. Ryan Sturgill, the Regional Director of Gaza Sky Geeks, and some officials from Bank of Palestine Group and partners. 

The Intersect Hub is one of the new projects of Bank of Palestine Group that supports entrepreneurship in Palestine. It was established to play a new role in linking entrepreneurs, innovators and creative minds with business accelerators and incubators. Intersect Hub is considered the independent arm of Bank of Palestine Group to encourage inclusion in entrepreneurship, creativity and other fields, especially technology and namely financial technology, as well as economics and education, with support from Bank of Palestine Group. Intersect Hub has a Board of Directors that consists of experts, entrepreneurs and creative minds in the fields of banking, financial technology, information security, and academia: Lana Abu Hijleh, Chairman of the Board; Hashim Al Shawa, Vice Chairman; including Dr. Muna Al Safadi, Dr. Ilham Al Khatib, Rabi Barakat, Hassan Afifi, and Eng. Eyad Qumsiyeh, as members of the board. Intersect Hub is managed by founders Rateb Rabi and Dana Alami, who take charge of networking and achieving the hub’s goals.

The signed agreement aims to build and develop programs that support entrepreneurs, develop business programs in the fields of technology, programming, economics and the various sciences, and encourage such programs in the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Mr. Hashim Al Shawa, the Chairman of Bank of Palestine Group, expressed his enthusiasm about the agreement signed with Gaza Sky Geeks. He also expressed big confidence and faith in this partnership that will result in great achievements on the ground. According to Shawa, “over the years, Bank of Palestine managed to become an important partner with Gaza Sky Geeks, and the goals of the bank stem from its strategic vision towards developing entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, and reaching people with such capabilities wherever they are, especially in the Gaza Strip and the southern and northern parts of the West Bank.” Al Shawa called upon this partnership to become part of the national efforts that seek to promote ways of thinking, mobilize creative capacities among youth and draw out potential ideas. “Over the years, Palestine proved to be a country thriving with creative and innovative minds, yet these minds need a hub that protects, develops and adopts their creativities and innovations,” stated Al Shawa. “This project forms part of the Group’s vision to improve knowledge and find innovative solutions for upcoming generations, and encourage them to find new solutions for the many and different life fields and practices, especially during the age of the digital revolution and its many impacts,” he added. 

Mr. Ryan Sturgill, the Regional Director of Gaza Sky Geeks, praised the strategic partnership with Bank of Palestine Group and Intersect Hub, aimed at supporting creativity in Palestine. He stressed the importance of this step in promoting efforts in different sectors to provide Palestinian youth the space to create and innovate in the fields of technology and know-how, especially in promoting entrepreneurial inclusion in all areas. Sturgill thanked Bank of Palestine and the work team at Intersect Hub and praised the entrepreneurial role played by the bank in setting a national example that reflects the depth and authenticity of the desired relationship between private sector and civil society.