Sponsored and trained by Bank of Palestine, Student-led company H2O wins the INJAZ annual competition



"H2O Meter", a Palestinian student company sponsored and trained by Bank of Palestine, won the "Best Student Company in Palestine" and the "Best Product Idea" awards in the INJAZ-Palestine competition this year, which qualifies them to compete in the INJAZ- Arab World competition to be held in Abu Dhabi later this year. The results of the competition were announced last week in a ceremony that took place in Ramallah's Cultural palace and was attended by vast crowds of businessmen, professionals, and students.


"H2O Meter", marketed by the students as an eco-friendly and modern electronic product, measures water levels in water reservoirs, spots leaks in the tanks, and encourages rational water consumption. It consists of two parts; the first part is placed in the water tank to measure its level, and the second is placed in the house and is an electronic board with 5 lights showing water levels in the tank and whether there are any leaks. The device received a patent from the Palestinian Ministry of Economy.

The "H2O Meter" Company, which aims to market national eco-friendly products, works with the INJAZ project that encourages students to create their own companies and enrich their knowledge and experience at a young age. The "H2O Meter" company consists of a group of students from the Evangelical School in Ramallah and is trained by a number of BoP's staff in an effort to encourage creativity and innovation, especially in light of difficulties and shortages. Thaer Hamayel, Head of the Public Relations and Marketing Division at BoP and supervisor of the training expressed his great joy with the results of the competition, stating that the two awards won by the team are the result of long hours of hard work and dedication by BoP's staff and the H2O Meter team. Hashim Shawa, Chairman and General Manager of BoP, congratulated the H2O Meter team for winning the competition, which came as a result of BoP's relentless training efforts and the teams dedication and hard work.


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