Main KPIs and Highlights of 2022

Bank of Palestine Group continues to build upon strong foundation demonstrating growth and robust results throughout the year 2022. As the largest banking group in Palestine, BOP has maintained its market share in the banking sector and has remained focused on its key strategic objectives; to serve its customers and stakeholders while adopting digital transformation and sustainability strategies as its core objectives. Our purpose remains to provide value for our clients, employees, shareholders and the community guided by the conviction that we shall continue collectively create a sustainable impact for the next generations.

Annual Report

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To view the annual report that summarizes the bank’s financial results and learn about the bank’s trends to keep pace with the continuous development in banking services and keep pace with digitization to achieve better and faster services, as well as learn about the various operations carried out by all the bank’s departments in the service of retail and corporate clients, including the bank’s activities in regard to its social responsibility.

Message from the Chairman of Bank of Palestine Group to Shareholders

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