Green Sustainable Future

Bank of Palestine is committed to making a positive difference in the communities in which we live and work. Corporate Social Responsibility is the commitment of business to contribute to sustainable economic development – working with employees, their families, the local community and society at large to improve the community at large according to the board of directors approved strategy. BoP fully considers social, cultural, environmental, governmental, and economic factors when evaluating development opportunities.


Palestine in the Heart

A campaign to support and raise donations locally and globally in support of humanitarian relief and recovery efforts in Gaza, West Bank, and East Jerusalem. The campaign includes:

  • Distribution of fresh water, bottled water and meals, by a voluntary team of BOP employees, to more than 70000 displaced people who fled to UNRWA schools during the Gaza war. The distribution started before the ceasefire; whereby more than 45000 bottles of waters, 100,000 liters of water tanks, and 4950 meals were provided to UNRWA schools serving as shelters for internally displaced people
  • Launching huge campaign entitled “Palestine in the Heart… Together we donate, together we rebuild” to raise donations at home and abroad, in support of humanitarian relief and recovery efforts in Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem. In addition to BOP’s group contribution to the campaign, the proceeds from the campaign will go to support relief and humanitarian assistance by national and international relief agencies targeting the Palestinian people. To donate click here
  • Granting affected people by the war e- vouchers to purchase health and hygiene bids


In parallel Bank of Palestine Group will continue working with relief agencies to assess different levels of interventions to the resulting humanitarian and economic crisis utilizing all channels and resources of the entire group.

The Zamala Fellowship Program was launched by the Bank of Palestine seven years ago to contribute to the development of university education, including academic and scientific expertise at Palestinian universities, by sending experts on educational and practical fellowships abroad with an aim to develop their educational and applied skills, and then return to Palestine to apply them at Palestinian universities. This will in turn facilitate the integration of fellows in the job market and respond to the need for human capacities. Up until last year, over 200 academicians, technical staff, and administrators from various Palestinian universities went on these fellowships and managed to publish more than 50 scientific research papers and establish networks with several international universities


In 2018, the Bank of Palestine, in partnership with the Dunya Women Cancer Center and other partners launched the Mobile Pink Clinic. This project stems from the efforts of the bank and its partners in the Music Marathon, led by the Trio Jubran, to allocate sources for the purchase, preparation and operation of the clinic. This clinic aims to reach Palestinian women nationwide and encourage them to conduct regular tests. If breast cancer is detected early, up to 90% of the cases are curable.

Every year, the Bank of Palestine launches an awareness campaign for diabetes prevention. During 2019, the campaign was implemented under the slogan “my health and yours are sweeter than sugar,” in partnership with Juzoor for Health and Social Development, the Augusta Victoria Hospital, and the Ramallah Municipality. Taking into consideration that 10% of Palestinian people suffer from diabetes and that the latter is the number four cause of death in Palestine after heart and cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and cerebrovascular diseases, the campaign aims to spread awareness about the prevention of diabetes by contributing to the development of health awareness tools.


Bank of Palestine continues to implement the Al Bayyara project in all Palestinian governorates with an aim to provide a safe environment for children that caters to their entertainment needs and physical health. The project is implemented through the contribution of several partner organizations in Palestine and abroad, including the Welfare Association, Muna and Bassem Hishmeh Foundation, and the United Holy Land Fund. So far, 32 playgrounds have been established in 11 Palestinian governorates, and many of these playgrounds featured children’s entertainment activities under the title “let’s go to the playground.”


Bank of Palestine provides annual assistance for the Palestinian Museum, which is an independent cultural organization that provides a space to promote an open and dynamic Palestinian culture on both the local and international levels. The Museum, which is considered among the most important contemporary cultural projects in Palestine, contributes to the production of stories about Palestinian history, culture, and society from a new perspective, and provides an environment that nurtures creative projects, educational programs, and innovative research.

Bank of Palestine sponsored the Wajd Program that was designed to provide assistance for orphaned children as a result of the 2014 aggression on the Gaza Strip. The number of program beneficiaries during 2019 reached 2,027 orphans from a total of 641 families. Projects were implemented in the fields of education, health, youth empowerment, the empowerment of mothers, and follow-ups on children living in shelters. Several activities were implemented in a number of social centers distributed across the Gaza Strip governorates in accordance with the geographical distribution of orphans. Wajd was launched by the Welfare Association with support from the Qatar Fund for Development, Bank of Palestine, and Al-Haj Hashim Ata Al Shawa Charitable Fund.




- Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS).

- The Fourth Scientific Conference in cooperation with the Qabatia Directorate of Education.

- The First Volunteer Work Camp in the northern Asira Village.

- Give Palestine.

- SOS Village Palestine.


- Strategic partnership in the Model United Nations, organized by the Friends Schools.

- Annual support for Injaz Palestine.

- Contribution to the Comprehensive School Upgrading Program in 15 schools in Jerusalem, launched by Faisal Husseini Foundation.


- Yabous Cultural Center in Jerusalem.

- Support for the launch of a musical album for Palestinian artists Faraj Suleiman.

.Support for the Popular Arts Troop -




- Rafah Sports Center.

- Gaza Sports Center.

- Al Bireh Youth Foundation.


 .Mobile Pink Clinic project.

 .The October Campaign on the importance of the early detection of breast cancer

 .Sponsorship for a medical mission to Palestine comprising of Palestinian doctors from the United States Diaspora community


Sustainability Reports