• Bank: Bank of Palestine, and any of its branches
  • Client: The natural or legal person, a client of Bank of Palestine who uses to the online banking service
  • Service: The Online Banking Service, including but not limited to:
  • Viewing accounts.
  • Internal transfer in account.
  • View the bank’s information.
  • Compare currency exchange rates.
  • Online statement of account.
  • Paying bills.
  • Viewing the client’s information.
  • Ordering cheque books.
  • Transfer within the same account in different currencies.
  • Viewing currency exchange rates.
  • Interest rates against local currencies.
  • Inquiring regarding the client’s credit.
  • Editing the client’s information, address and telephone number.
  • Email service.
  • Change password.

These terms of Online Banking Service shall be an important basis for the client’s understanding of his responsibilities and duties as a consequence of using the Service and it exempts the bank of any uses or steps that the client didn’t perform as required:

  1. Although the Bank is utilizing all possible security measures to protect against the risks of the open nature of internet networks, the Bank is not responsible for any harm that may be fall the client as a consequence of using the service, and the client shall be solely responsible for all risks resulting from using the service.
  2. The bank offers the Service to the client, and the client shall be responsible for the availability and maintenance of the devices at his end and all what is required to operate those devices including costs and expenses of operating them. The bank shall not be assume any responsibility resulting of a default in the software used by the client or if the client uses additional software that may adversely affect the security and effectiveness of the service, or any viruses on the client’s device that may expose or destroy his important information, therefore the client shall be solely responsible for all the consequences of such.
  3. The bank shall provide the client with the operation instructions which includes detailed information about the service, and the client shall accurately follow these instructions.
  4. The client may apply in writing to the bank via the approved forms to amend the available services.
  5. The bank may suspend the Service at any time for any period without giving any reasons, and the client is not entitled to raise any objections, and the Bank shall not hold any liability as a result for such. The bank will notify the client in regards to the suspension.
  6. The client agrees that the bank may share information about him internally to provide the client with information about new services.
  7. The client acknowledges that he read and understood the mechanism of the Service and that any instructional information provided by the bank is just for guidance and is not obliging for the bank. The bank will not be responsible in case of irregularity of service or seizing to operate or in case of inaccurate information being given through the service.
  8. The client shall change the passwords upon the first log to the service. The client is fully responsible for protecting the user name, passwords and any other information provided by the bank. The client shall maintain passwords and not to release them and to safeguard them in a secured place and should exercise extreme caution when using the Service in public spaces. The client acknowledges that the Bank shall not assume any responsibility for any harm that may befall him due to a breach of this obligation or as a consequence to the misuse of this service.
  9. The client fully understands that the user name and passwords verify his identity. Therefore, the client acknowledges that any transactions performed using (his/her user name and passwords) will be considered as performed by the client and the bank will consider anyone using them as the client him/herself. The client shall be liable for all the transactions performed by his/her identification means.
  10. In case the client requests cheque book/s via this service, the bank will study his request. In case the bank agrees to issue cheque book/s, the cheque books could be received from the concerned branch of the bank. The client also authorizes the bank to deduct fees/commissions that the bank fixed for issuing cheque book/s.
  11. The client understands that the transfer is conducted automatically and immediately according to the used software systems in the Service if the transfer was conducted within the client’s account or between the accounts of branches of Bank of Palestine and the amount will be debited from the clients account.
  12. The client acknowledges that the bank shall not to perform any fund transfers if the customer does not have sufficient balance in the account at the time the order is to be performed, or if the transfer amount exceeds the daily transfer limit according to the bank’s regulations and Monetary Authority’s instructions.
  13. The client authorizes the bank to deduct any commissions or fees that the bank decide for each fund transfer transaction and paying order whether the transfer was within the same client’s account or to another account, and to deduct the commission of issuing cheque book. The client also authorizes the bank to debit his account any other expenses related to the transaction or resulting from it, and the client shall be responsible for any obligations that may become due on him as a result debiting his account due to the direct use of the banking service or any error that may occur as a result of a transaction performed by him using this service.
  14. The client acknowledges that the bank shall not be responsible if he/she couldn’t access the online services for any reason and acknowledges that the bank has exerted the sufficient care to provide the possible safety, security and encryption to protect the provided online services.
  15. The client acknowledges that all the bank’s records and electronic records are valid and incontrovertible and binding proof and the client cannot raise any objection or challenge them.
  16. Both bank and client acknowledge that the email account provided through the Service serves is secure mean for communication between them, therefore exchanging the emails shall be only via this Service only. The bank shall consider the client to have received every letter sent by the bank.
  17. In case the customer suspects that another party is tampering with his/her account through the service, or his/her user name and passwords are discovered by other person, the customer must inform the Bank of this matter as soon as possible, and then deliver a written notice. The client shall be liable for all amounts that may result due to the use of the user name and passwords until the end of date in which the bank receives a written notice.
  18. The Service will be temporally locked in case the password is entered incorrectly three times in row during log in to the Service to perform transfer transactions. The client shall head to any of the Bank branches to re-activate the Service or follow other procedures as decided by the bank.
  19. The bank may change or edit the terms and conditions of the contract after notifying the client in writing or electronically on his address held with the bank. The change shall be considered in force unless the bank receives a written or electronic objection from the client during a week of date of receipt. The bank may change the software used in the Service and the services offered without prior notice to the client of this procedure.
  20. The client acknowledges that he understands well the risk of transfer service from his account to other accounts, the transfer limits, and that the transfer can be conducted only after entering password. The client acknowledges that any transfer through the service is valid and that the transfer will immediately conducted without referring to him.
  21. The client acknowledges that he is solely responsible for any transfer to another persons accounts and for any obligations that may become due on him as a result of subscribing to the Service and using it and he is solely responsible for all actions that are performed through the Service and he waives his right to ask the bank for any amounts that are transferred via the service, and he waives his right to raise any objection to any performed transaction.
  22. The client acknowledges that the mobile number is the guarantor of the self registration process and is the approved mean to send the password for a single time. It should be known that Bank of Palestine does not allow the client to change or update his/her mobile number expect through the branch, and does not permit the update of the mobile number through any other mean.
  23. It is fully understood and compelling for the client that he cannot transfer funds from his account except to previously defined persons who were defined at the branch earlier, and the client signed the approved documents to define a beneficiary.
  24. The client acknowledges that the bank shall not assume any liability or responsibility, either direct or indirect, for any obligations, loss, harm or any expenses that the client incurred due to the use of the Service, particularly if the harm related or resulted of one of the following:
    • Use the Service via the internet or inability to use it.
    • Errors in execution, modification, cancellation or any error (regardless of its nature) that occurred by the client or his inability to correct the mistakes.
    • Any transfers that performed from his account to other accounts via the Service
    • Delay in executing the transaction due to reasons outside the Banks control regardless of its sources.
    • Criminal acts such as fraud or deception or acts by professional hackers to hack computers and illegal access and networks breaches , or using the password by hackers, or loss of password or any other methods.
    • Failure or breakdown of the system for any reason
    • Any other matters estimated by the bank
  25. The bank is continuously developing the Service and the client is considered compelled by all the processes performed through the plan and to have agreed to the mechanism of working, and will be liable for any errors that may occur.
  26. The client acknowledges that he does not have any intellectual property rights of any programs, forms or documents that the bank offer through this Service or what the bank will upgrade, and he will not allow others to:
    • Copy or edit any of these programs or forms offered by the bank
    • Download or move the online banking services programs from any other electronic device.
  27. The Palestinian courts shall have jurisdiction to look into any dispute arising from or related to the interpreting terms and conditions and their application. Both the client and bank waives their right to send judicial notices.