H2O Meter Student Company: a student sales success story




H2O Meter, a student-led company sponsored and trained by Bank of Palestine, presents a unique success story with its distinctive vision and modern strategy, which allowed it to sell more than 90% of its products in one week throughout Ramallah only.


"H2O Meter", which is marketed by the students as an eco-friendly and modern electronic product, measures water levels in water reservoirs, spots leaks in the tanks, and encourages rational water consumption. The device also received a patent from the Palestinian Ministry of Economy.


"H2O Meter" consists of two parts; the first part is placed in the water tank to measure its level, and the second is placed in the house and is an electronic board with 5 lights showing water levels in the tank and whether there are any leaks.


The "H2O Meter" Company, which aims to market national eco-friendly products, works with the INJAZ project that encourages students to create their own companies and enrich their knowledge and experience at a young age. The "H2O Meter" company consists of a group of students from the Evangelical School in Ramallah and is trained by a number of BoP's staff in an effort to encourage creativity and innovation, especially in light of difficulties and shortages.


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