Bank of Palestine concludes Children Awareness Week with an educational competition



Bank of Palestine concluded "Children's Banking Awareness Week" last week with an educational competition for Grade 8 students carried out by BoP's representatives during their visits to a number of schools around Palestine. The main objective of the competition was to raise the student's financial awareness and banking knowledge, to educate them about the importance of the role of Palestinian financial institutions in developing the Palestinian economy, and to encourage them to participate in the "Children's Banking Awareness Week" activities.


The competition was held in all the schools that were visited by BoP, and the participating students expressed their happiness with and excitement about the competition, and were very actively engaged in it. The winners were celebrated in a festive ceremony and were awarded $50 each.


The competition marked the end of BoP's "Children Banking Awareness Week", which was organized by the Palestinian Monetary Authority in cooperation with the Association of Banks in Palestine and the Ministry of Education. Throughout the week, Bank of Palestine organize a number of activities in an effort to raise an educated generation that is well capable of optimizing the use of financial and banking services offered by Bank of Palestine. BoP dedicated one working hour every day to receive young visitors to show them around the bank and its different functions, to open saving accounts for those who wish (with the consent of their parents) and to share with them education leaflets and promotional gifts. A number of parents expressed their satisfaction with BoP's preparations and activities for the week, seeing that these activities have so far succeeded in educating the children about the bank.

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