Sponsored by Bank of Palestine the ‘University College’ Launches the First Tourist Map of the City of Gaza in English




BoP sponsored the first tourist map of Gaza. The map is launched by Midad Co. in cooperation with the University College of Applied Sciences, to illustrate the civilized aspects of Gaza City, and to attract its visitors specially Gaza has many archaeological and tourist sites. The map was published in English and soon will be released in Arabic.

The celebration was held in Al Deira Hotel in Gaza with the presence of Mr. Jamal Khoudery, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University College, Dr. Yehya Sarraj, Dean of the University College, Mr. Rafic Makki, Mayor of Gaza, Mr. Khaldoun Abu Saleem, P.R. & Marketing Officer of BoP in Gaza, and Mr. Amir Shurrab Midad Co. Director, besides to a number of commercial and tourist institutions.

Mr. Khoudary emphasized on the importance of this project which focus on the most important archaeological sites in Gaza. The map project keeps pace with the global development in civilized countries that seek to help visitors enjoy their beautiful sites.

BoP sponsored this project as part of its social responsibility to support activities and events that enhance Palestinian tourism.

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