BoP Organizes a workshop on Electronic Bill Payment Mechanism

In cooperation with the Palestinian Union of Local Authorities and Pal Pay Co., Bank of Palestine organized a workshop on electronic bill payment mechanism. The workshop took place at the General Management Head Office in Ramallah with the presence of Mr. Hashim Shawa, Chairman & General Manager of BoP, Mr. Hani Al-Hayek, Secretary General of the Palestinian Union of Local Authorities, Mr. Iyad Qumsiyeh, Chairman of PAL PAY Co. accompanied with 70 mayors.


Mr. Shawa expressed his pride in Bank of Palestine; the leading bank in terms of expansion, raising banking awareness, using the most modern technology, and providing the best services for clients. He also confirmed that the bank’s expansion in rural areas during the past three years was part of BoP’s strategic plan to reach unbanked population wherever they are. He added that 16 branches and sub-branches were opened in the past three years bringing the number of the banking network to 42 branches, serving half a million customers.


Moreover, the Bank has played an important role in the establishment of subsidiaries. Al Wasata brokerage company is considered one of the most important brokerage firms trading in Palestine Securities Exchange; it has traded half a billion dollars in 2009.


Mr. Shawa also said he is proud of the establishment of PAL PAY Co., adding that BoP has a wide banking network in all over the country using advanced and modern technology in electronic bill payment systems which eases the burden on citizens.


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