‘Give Gaza’ and The Bank of Palestine launch a campaign for the distribution of food baskets and orphan sponsorships for the families in need in the Gaza Strip.

Gaza - 04/08/2010, Today ‘Give Gaza’ launched a campaign for the distribution of food baskets for the families in need in the Gaza Strip. This campaign was funded by “The Bank of Palestine” who donated $50,000 to help the orphans and the needy families in the Holy month of Ramadan.


The launching of this campaign comes with the final days before Ramadan in order to ensure that the food baskets are given to the families before the start of the Holy month and this is to help as many families as possible in feeding their families at these difficult times.


The 200 food baskets that were distributed to families from different parts of the Gaza Strip consisted of 22 items in each basket. ‘Give Gaza’ aimed when choosing the list of items to provide the beneficiaries with what is necessary for their families in the month of Ramadan so that they can enjoy the spirit of this holy month.


The distribution was supervised by Mr. Naseem Al Zaneen the Secretary for the Board of Directors at Give Gaza as well as Ms. Abeer Abushahla the executive director. The representatives for the Bank of Palestine where Mr. Amr Alsaraj the vice manager of the public relations and marketing department and also present was Mr. Khaldoun Abu Saleem the Public relations and marketing officer.


Mr. Naseem Al Zaneen stated that this distribution was necessary at this time to ease the burdens of the bread earner of the needy families, especially with the approaching of the month of Ramadan, the month of giving and helping. To help those in need at these times of hardship after the war on Gaza and the economical siege imposed on the Gaza Strip by the Israeli suppressors.


Mr. Amr Al Saraj announced that this donation was made in an effort from the Bank of Palestine to share in easing the troubles of their people in Gaza and that this is not the first time the Bank of Palestine and ‘Give Gaza’ work together hand in hand in order to reach as many families as possible. After the 2009 war on Gaza the Bank of Palestine also funded a similar campaign which consisted of money donations and food baskets.


At the same time Mrs. Raja Abughazala the president of the Board of Directors as well as the founder of ‘Give Gaza’ thanked the Bank of Palestine for their generous donation to the people of Gaza and added that this was indeed a kind gesture from the Board of Directors of the bank of Palestine and the banks administration.


The families that benefited from the campaign were eager to thank ‘Give Gaza’ and the ‘Bank of Palestine’ for helping them in the month of Ramadan and to give them a chance to live a decent life like the rest of the people of the world.

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