Gaza Group Society Receives a Donation of USD 30,000 from BoP

Sunday, February 14, 2010, Gaza Group Society for Culture and Development received a USD 30,000 cheque as a generous donation from Bank of Palestine as a contribution to the success of the Society’s activities through building a conference room and a training center named after the late Dr. Hani Shawa.


On behalf of the society all of Mrs. Rawya Shawa, Chairman of the Society, Mrs. Salwa Saqallah, Treasurer, Mr. Ibrahim Saad, Member of Board of Directors, Ghazi Al-Sabah, Acting Executive Director, were present, and the bank’s delegation was headed by Mr. Alaa` Alredwan, Deputy General Manager, and Mr. Khaldoun Abu Saleem, Marketing & Public Relations Officer.


Mrs. Shawa pointed to the role that GGS plays in the field of development, culture and emergency relief in the Palestinian society.
This project, Mrs. Shawa added, is a dream came true with the help of BoP whom we deeply thank for this gift which indicates that BoP does not hesitate to serve its society urging all banks to follow BoP’s pace.


On his part, Mr. Alaa` Alradwan thanked the GGS for its trust, assuring that Bank of Palestine is doing its duties towards the Palestinian society no more or less. Mr. Alredwan added, this donation and the bank’s social activities is a part of the bank’s social responsibility towards the Palestinian civil society, pointing out the importance of the contribution in this project which commemorates the memory of a great man “ the late Dr. Hani Shawa " .

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