Card Features

Cardholders travel safely with the international travel medical support and assistance.

YQ Meet and Assist services at international airports.

Special discounts and offers during your stay at Jumeriah hotels and spas.

  • Several offers and discounts from the Travel and Dine application on meals from over 200 restaurants in aiports around the world.
  • Lounge Key service that allows cardholders 6 visits per year to airport VIP lounges around the world. For more information and learn more about the benefits, please CLICK HERE

  • Discounts from more than 100 IHG hotels and spas around the world.
  • Special Agoda offers and discounts from hotels and rentals around the world.
  • Offers from the Avis Budget car rental group.
  • For more information about card features please visit
  • All cards are subject to the bank's terms and conditions.

Lounge Key

- Visa Platinum cardholders can view more details by registering on the LoungeKey app through the link, This platform empowers you to effortlessly discover the following information: 

  • Visit log (due visits, and remaining visits). 

  • Available Lounges for Visa Platinum cardholders, with the number of available lounges for cardholders are 25 lounges. 

  • The number of lounges that have been used. 

  *The list of airport lounges is subject to change and not fixed, terms and conditions apply. 

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

These cards are offered to bank customers as a convenient option within a predetermined limit. The card comes with a variety of privileges and exclusive discounts for the cardholder, along with added advantages for travel, entertainment, and online shopping. 

1. A Visa Platinum card allows its holder to access VIP lounges at airports for up to 6 visits per year.

2. The cardholder's initial entry to the lounges is granted without prior conditions. 

3. For the cardholder to qualify for the remaining planned visits (the subsequent five visits) to the lounges, the customer must use the card for purchase outside Palestine via point-of-sale terminals or online, at least once per year, with a value of $1 or more. 

4. This condition is established 10 days after the purchase date. 

5. Should the customer exceed the designated number of visits, accompany non-eligible visitors, access a lounge not covered by Visa, or fail to meet the 10-day window from the purchase date, an entrance fee of $32 per visit will be applied. 

6. For further details, all customers are required to register through the following link: or contact the number +971 80004441054. 

  • Cards are extended to customers with credit limits that are tailored to align with their credit profiles and financial segments. 
  • Personal checks, cash collateral, or any other forms of collateral (as per the credit policy). 
  • If you have a salary transferred to Bank of Palestine. 
  • Purchase from stores and shops in Palestine and around the world at over 40 million commercial establishments without any commissions. 
  • Effortlessly and securely shop online using the Triple Field Protection feature. 
  • Withdraw cash from ATMs spread around the world. 
  • The card also offers the facility of making purchases internationally, utilizing the 'Wave and Pay' feature (Visa payWave), thereby enhancing your global transaction capabilities. 
  • Card Features: Access to airport lounges, YQ Meet and Assist service, luxury hotel collection, Avis car rental offers, medical assistance, support while traveling, and discounts on dining. 

You can activate it either at the branch or office through our specialized team, or the bank's mobile application. 

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