Bank of Palestine custody received regulatory approval from the Palestine Capital Market Authority in 2014. In 2015, an Agreement has been signed with the Palestine Exchange “PEX” to perform the duty of Safe Custody for local and international investors

Service objective

  • Receive due profits on customer securities, and all other services that do not conflict with the laws, regulations and instructions of the Palestine Exchange.
  • Organize and keep accurate customer records, receive amount of sold securities from the intermediary, and pay the amount of purchased securities to the intermediary, on behalf of customers.
  • Send regular reports to customers regarding their portfolios and cash accounts, and notifying them on all procedures taken by the issuers of financial securities regarding proceeds from investments, interests, etc.

Our Safe Custody Service is responsible for

  • Securities safekeeping.
  • Maintaining books and records.
  • Providing regular comprehensive reports.
  • Arranging settlement of exchange transactions.
  • Promptly responding to customer questions and inquiries.
  • Attending company General Assembly meetings and voting on behalf of our customers, based upon their request.
  • Following up on market news and company updates and sending them promptly to customers.
  • Collecting dividends on behalf of customers and depositing them in their personal accounts.
  • Following up and informing customers about all corporate actions, attending general meetings and taking action on behalf of customers, based upon their request.