Loan advantages

Financing all energy and environmentally friendly projects.

Repayment period up to ten years.

Provision of technical non-financial consultations

  • Contribute to the provision of a good return on investment at the lowest cost
  • Ability to benefit from the grant under the SUNREF agreement.
  • Ability to fund recycling projects (cardboard, glass, plastic).

Terms and Conditions

  • The customer should be credit worthy.
  • The customer should have sufficient experience to manage the project.
  • The project should be income-generating and able to repay installments.
  • An existing project and a project under development.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

An agreement between the Bank of Palestine and the French Development Agency, upon which loans, technical consultations, and grants are provided to beneficiaries as a percentage of the loan value.

Yes, it is important to obtain approval from the designated electricity company in your region, and the establishment should be technically certified.

- Guarantors whose salaries are transferred to Bank of Palestine.

- Merchants who have good credit history at Bank of Palestine.

- Gold mortgage

- Car mortgage

- Term deposits

- Property mortgage

- Stock mortgage

- Any other collaterals in conformity with the bank’s policy


  • Real estate ownership certificate.
  • A technical study for the project, establishment, or home.
  • Price quotations
  • Certificate of experience for energy-generating projects
  • A statement of electric bills over a period of six months

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