Financing up to $400,000

Loan period from 5-25 years

Very competitive and special interest rates

  • Own your dream home
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  • Free life and property insurance
  • Grace period up to six months
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  • The salary of the customer, the movement of the borrower's account, and/or its partner.
  • If the customer and/or their income partner are employees of other banks, they will be signed checks at the value of the loan and interest, and we will need to be provided with the approval of the bank in which they are borrowing our party.
  • Mortgage the property is subject to a first-class principal in favor of the bank at the value of the loan and interest.
  • At least one sponsor in some cases


  • Proof of salary
  • Real estate registration documents (title deeds).
  • Purchase-sale agreement
  • All bank account statements
  • A report on the property to be financed submitted by two accredited appraisers at the Palestine Capital Market Authority.
  • All other necessary documents

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