Bank of Palestine provides its Sponsorship to Honor 700 Outstanding Tawjihi Students in Several Palestinian Cities

Bank of Palestine provided its primary sponsorship to a series of honoring ceremonies for outstanding Tawjihi students, which were held in Thahiriya – north of Hebron, Rammun, Al-Mazra’a ash-Sharqiya, and Ni’lin – Ramallah governorate, and Abu Dis – Jerusalem governorate. The ceremonies included honoring more than 700 students.

Bank of Palestine’s sponsorships to these events is due to its social responsibility, and is in line with its approach to support the youth segment and encourage them to continue pursuing education and knowledge, as they are the best tools to overcome the difficulties and obstacles that our people face. The sponsorships also reflect the Bank’s interest in youth leaders, as the Bank is one of the largest Palestinian institutions that employed recent graduates in the past five years, and it is the second-largest employer to recent graduates in Palestine.

The ceremonies entailed the participation of outstanding students, representatives   of the Bank, officials and dignitaries of Palestinian towns and villages, in addition to representatives of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. The honoring ceremonies included cultural and art events, as well as folklore performances from the Palestinian heritage.

The sponsorship to honor outstanding Tawjihi students coincides with the campaign launched by the Bank within the savings program, entitled “Save Together, Succeed Together, Learn Together”, in which ten students who passed the Tawjihi exams and have saving accounts at Bank of Palestine will win ten scholarships, with a value of USD5000 for each scholarship. The campaign is valid until August 18, 2016. Students who attained and average 70% or higher in their Tawjihi exams can establish groups with their colleagues and enter the draw on scholarships.

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