Round the clock surveillance

Deposit boxes available in various sizes

Protecting valuable from fire, theft or loss.

  • Easy access to personal belongings in a special room during official bank hours.
  • Dual opening box system for further protection

Terms and Conditions

  • Customers should open a bank account.
  • Customers should fill out a safety deposit box request form at the bank branch or office.


Safety deposit boxes are safes that come in different sizes for the purpose of keeping and protecting valuable belongings. They have secured boxes that allow customers to safe keep their valuable or important belongings at one of the Bank of Palestine branches.

Yes, you can delegate someone to open it on your behalf.

The renewal of safety deposit boxes occurs automatically and you do not need to come to the branch to renew the contract.

Safety deposit box holders (both individuals and companies) may use the boxes for keeping documents, gold, valuable or important items, etc.